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Non-Messy Sensory Play

Sensory play gets a wrap as always having to be messy. It doesn’t! There are so many sensory activities that your family can enjoy if your child doesn’t like messes! I wanted to share a few of my favorite products that we keep on hand for non messy sensory play!

Sensory input does not always mean using the sense of touch. Bubbles, flowers and bubble wrap are some of my favorite ways to explore using our 5 senses. And guess what? They hardly cost anything! It doesn’t have to be fancy, themed or even super planned. The world is all around us. Remember our little ones are born ready to learn and explore about everything!

Did you know your little one can get sensory stimulation just from you modeling playing with sensory materials. OH YA! Remember they are little sponges (pun intended). Describe for them the sensory experience you are having when feathers fall on your head or when you smell a flower. Chances are it won’t be long until they want to join in.

OH! you know what my favorite thing about sensory play is? There‘s no right or wrong way to do it! Don’t be intimidated. Just go for it! If no one told you today - you’re an amazing parent! Xoxo



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